// What are the
Tokyo Ten?

The Tokyo Ten are 10,000 randomly generated, hand-illustrated collectible NFTs living in Cyber Tokyo 2261.

The Tokyo Ten was created by a team with true passion for the NFT and digital collectibles space - people who enjoy innovating, pushing boundaries, and being experimental. We want this project to be for the community, and led by the community. You are in the drivers’ seat with us.

  • 10,000 Collectibles
  • Randomly Generated
  • Hand Illustrated
// Tokyo
Citizen Passport
A collection of private Discord™ channels for verified Tokyo Ten NFT holders
An ongoing education channel with live AMAs, interviews, and training from 7 & 8 figure internet entrepreneurs.
Voting rights to Tokyo Treasury, our community DAO, funded with 50 ETH from the founder wallet. Additionally, an ongoing 25% of all secondary sales will be contributed to the DAO.
Admission to Karoshi Industries™ Expo 2261, an event led and organized by the community for our second generation.
// The Tokyo Ten Lore

As the world progressed through the 22nd and 23rd centuries, it was clear that this planet wasn’t made to be inhabited by 28 billion people. Sickness, war, corruption, and conflict year after year wasn’t easy on the human race, especially as we all piled up on top of each other. Anyone who knew how to survive made their way towards major cities. Everyone else, well - we still remember them when we close our eyes.

By 2253, only 4 cities remained: London, Singapore 2.0, The North (a couple of big tech nerds renamed Berlin), and Cyber Tokyo. The Republic, the only governing body left in the world, supplied funding and commissioned Karoshi Industries in Tokyo to create life extension cloud technology, advanced pharmaceuticals, space exploration vehicles, and weaponry in advance of our arrival to new planets, so we could seek asylum from ourselves.

We wish we could write a happy ending, but Karoshi Industries’ CEO had a different plan in mind. He used the funding to create and deploy what we now call The Red Mist, an event we can’t forget - those of us who survived it, anyway. Blood rained down from the sky. Most who couldn’t find shelter died a tragic death. The others, turned into Ghouls, creatures we try to keep at bay daily.

Cyber Tokyo’s technological advancements were the only reason why some of us made it through that day. Tokyo is the very last stand for humanity. In 2261, we divided into 4 classes within Cyber Tokyo city limits: Citizens, Ghouls, Hunters, and The Tokyo Ten. We won’t mention The Outsiders - but we wish them luck, really. Hunters are brave Citizens who stood up for the rest of us. They raided Karoshi Industries a few years back and stole military equipment and tech to fight back against the Ghouls and protect Citizens on the island of Cyber Tokyo. And The Tokyo Ten? They were the ones who lost the most - friends, family, businesses - but not hope. They created the Hunters out of rage, seeking justice and leading The Raids against KI. Everyone looks up to them but no one knows who they really are underneath their helmets.

// The Roadmap
3 ETH giveaway to verified holders
Scavenger hunt in Cyber Tokyo 2261
  • 1st: “Fumiko” NFT (Leader of The Tokyo Ten)
  • 2nd: 3 NFTs + 1 ETH
  • 3rd: 1 NFT + 1 ETH
5 ETH giveaway to verified holders
Karoshi Industries™ 2261 Expo
  • Tokyo Treasury (DAO)
  • $TOKYO Introduction
// The Team
0x_figment Founder, Marketing + Ops
MrShapeless Founder, World Builder
CybyerUnicorn Artist
// FAQs
1. What are The Tokyo Ten?
2. When is the launch?
3. How much is it to mint a Tokyo Ten NFT?
4. How do I get a Tokyo Ten?
5. Will there be a pre-sale?
6. What do I get when I purchase a Tokyo Ten?
7. What sets your project apart from others?